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Obtaining Continuing Education Points

Dear SCST Membership,

There has been many questions about ways to obtain continuing education points.  Points for obtaining continuing education points are specifically spelled out in the SCST Constitution and By-laws.  This was also specifically a question on the written proficiency test last year to ensure that everyone read that section.  Each Registered, Certified, and Professional member are required to obtain 5 points every 3 years.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your continuing education points are being recorded.   To clarify for everyone, listed below is how you can obtain continuing education points.

1.  Attendance at the AOSA/SCST annual meeting or verified attendance at an industry meeting.  For the AOSA/SCST annual meeting you MUST check in at the business meeting to obtain your points.  In the case of industry meetings you must provide proof of attendance such as a copy of your registration.  You can only obtain  a MAXIMUM of 3 of your 5 points from meetings.  You must participate in other things as well.

2.  One point for each half day (minimum of 3 hours) attendance at a workshop or seed school directly related to seed testing that comprises at least a 50% “hands on” type program.

3.  Individualized seed technology training from a CSA, an SCST Registered, Certified, or Research Member or, any other accredited individual that receives prior approval.  Points are credited on the basis of one point for every three hours with a maximum of 2 points per day. (Being tutored would fall under this category)

4.  College credits (for up to half ½ of the required continuing education points) for satisfactory completion of approved seed related courses, including distance learning courses, three points for each semester hour or two points for each quarter hour.

5.  One point for individual participation in a referee.  An eligible referee shall consist of five or more participants from three or more laboratories and provide comparative results to the participant (one point for each referee).

6.  One point for each year serving as a Committee or Subcommittee Chair or Vice-Chair.

7.  One point for each year serving as a SCST officer (President, Vice President, Board of Director).

8.  Point(s) for each workshop/webinar instructor, speaker, or trainer.

9.  One point for a Mentor for each individual mentee (Tutor would fall under this category)

10. One point for each SCST sponsored webinar attended.

11. Proficiency testing is MANDATORY and is no longer allowed continuing education points.  This was voted on by the Membership as required for all Constitution and Bylaws changes.

Thank you,

Heidi Jo Larson
SCST Vice President

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