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Jan Subscription renewal and Seed Educational Programs

Seed Technologists consider subscribing to the SEED IMAGES website. Current subscribers please remember to renew your subscription to the virtual seed herbarium SEED IMAGES when it comes due. Seed Technologists may also want to take advantage of the educational courses that are available in order to get your continuing education credits or use the courses to help you prepare to take an accreditation examination.

STEP was nationally recognized as an educational training program by the Crop Science Society of America and is recommended by the Association of Official Seed Analysts and the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists for training Seed Technologists and other individuals who work in the seed industry.  The national award was in recognition of distinctive service to the development and utilization of quality seed in agriculture.

Various Subscription Options for
There are five different subscription options available for SEED IMAGES.  These options include: the 24 month subscription for $175.00, the 12 month subscription rate is $100.00.  If you would like a trial subscription there are three options: 3 days $10.00, 3 months $35.00 and 6 months $65.00.  To renew your subscription or to initially subscribe, visit the SEED IMAGES website at and click on the “Subscribe Now” link.SEED IMAGES database includes over 1700 seed images; 100 x magnifications; user friendly search mechanism; identification by scientific and common names; identification by noxious, weed, and crop seed categories including seeds that are on the Associations’ professional examination.  These are just a few of its valuable features.  SEED IMAGES is the virtual seed herbarium for the seeds industry.

STEP and the National Seed Science and Technology Distance Education Program
STEP at Colorado State University is part of the National Seed Science and Technology Distance Education Program in affiliation with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Indiana Crop Improvement Association.  These programs offer eight distance education courses and National and STEP Document of Completion programs.  These courses are Seed Anatomy and Identification, Seed Development and Metabolism, Seed Purity Analysis, Seed Germination and Viability, Storage and Deterioration, Seed Vigor, and Large Legume Seed Production, through Colorado State University and Vegetable Seed Production, through Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.The Seed vigor course has been reestablished and is now taught by Gil Waibel, Indiana Crop Improvement.  For registration information for these courses contact the Continuing Education Program at Colorado State Universities and at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  For course content information, please visit  For additional information on the courses, please contact Dr. Jack Fenwick at or call 970-491-6907.

Our hope is that you will take advantage of these identification and educational opportunities as you STEP into the World of Seeds.

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