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Seed Count Referees

Dear AOSA Members,

If your lab is interested in participation in one or more seed count referees or in one on germination testing of black oil sunflower seed, please e-mail Mike Stahr (
Three referees are being considered:

  • Comparing using a mechanical seed counter to an electronic imaging seed counter for corn, soybean, bean and wheat seed.
  • Adding additional species to Section 12 (Mechanical Seed Count) of Volume 1 of the AOSA Rules
  • Comparing the ISTA methods of breaking dormancy in sunflower seed (prechill, preheat/predry) to not using dormancy breaking measures.

Detailed descriptions of these referees are being developed.  If you have information to contribute and don’t want to participate in one of these referees (or if you do), please also contact Mike using the e-mail address above.

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