June 3rd to 9th – Portland, Oregon
2016 Annual Meeting

Welcome Sponsors!

Each year the AOSA & SCST Joint Annual Meeting brings together hundreds of seed analysts, technologists, and scientists from both the United States and Canada with a common goal to further advance seed testing and research. These professionals serve you by providing seed testing information which enables you to sell, market, and to export your seed around the world. Their work is an integral part of our thriving and expanding industry.

On behalf of both the AOSA and SCST, we cordially invite you to take part in this year’s meeting. There are a number of opportunities available for you to contribute to the overall success of this year’s event. Additionally, you will have a chance to increase the visibility of your company amongst the AOSA-SCST memberships.

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The 2016 AOSA/SCST Annual Meeting is provided by:


Full List of AOSA/SCST Annual Meeting Sponsors

Idaho Crop Improvement Asscociation Landmark Turf & Native Seed Saddle Butte Ag, Inc. CSP Labs, Inc.
Simplot-Jacklin Seed Division Lewis Seed Co. Barbara L. Cleave Harold Armstrong
Hoffman Manufacturing Sales Columbia Seeds Monsanto Ioka Marketing, LLC
AgReliant Genetics Central Oregon Seeds PSA SGS
Smith Seed Services Alforex Seeds Marion Ag Service Weaver Seed of Oregon, Inc.
West Coast Beet Seed Company Mountain View Seeds Venell Farms, Inc. Syngenta Seeds LLC
Oregon Seed Association Seneca Foods Sakata Seed America, Inc. Ampac Seed Company
Idaho Beans: Idaho Bean Dealers & Idaho Bean Commission OMG Cooperative/Natural Plant Products Indiana Crop Improvement Association  

2016 Tradeshow

Register as a vendor for this year’s tradeshow! The AOSA/SCST annual meeting offers a unique opportunity to reach
the membership of both associations in one location — Register today!

2016 Meeting Agenda

This conference will run six days from June 4 - 9, 2016.
Click here to download the full agenda.
Day 1
Jun 04 2016
Day 2
Jun 05 2016
Day 3
Jun 06 2016
Day 4
Jun 07 2016
Day 5
Jun 08 2016
Day 6
Jun 09 2016


SCST Board Meeting (Closed)

Vegetable Seed Health Workshop



AOSA Board Meeting (Closed)


AOSA/SCST Business Office


Business Office

Joint BOD Meeting (Closed)

Seedling Evaluation Workshop

Referee Committee (Closed)


Tradeshow Set Up


Communications & Public Relations


Purity Analysis Committee

Teaching & Training Committee

Rules Committee (Closed)

Affiliates/Liaison Meeting

New Member Orientation

Hoffman’s Wine Tasting

Bean Buddy Walk


AOSA/SCST Business Office

Flower Seed Committee

Consolidated Exam Committee

Germination & Dormancy Committee

Ethics Committee

Conservation, Reclamation, Tree & Shrub Committee

Symposium: Forage & Grass Seed Quality – Research Papers Session

Regulatory Meeting (Closed)


Opening Session Lunch


STRF Meeting

Referee Presentations and Buzz Session

RGT BOE Committee (Closed)

Reception — Seed Issue | Poster

AOSA/SCST Business Office

Statistics Committee

Seed Vigor Testing Committee

Genetic Technology Committee

AOSA Bylaws Committee

Lab Standards & Documentation Committee

Cultivar Purity Committee

Research Committee

Field Tour

Business Office

Tradeshow Breakdown

Long Range Planning Session



Seed Moisture Committee

Handbook Committee

Proficiency Testing Committee

Tetrazolium Committee

AOSA Continuing Education Points Committee


Open Rules Discussion

Silent Auction/Social Hour

Group Photos

Awards Banquet

Business Office

Joint AOSA/SCST Voting Session & Business Meeting


SCST Business Meeting

AOSA Business Meeting

Portland Activities & Sights to See!

Memories from 2015


We look forward to seeing you in Portland!