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AOSA Membership Directory Update

The AOSA Membership Committee is in the midst of updating the directory. Please review the membership directory available at and verify that your laboratory’s information is correct. Be sure that all addresses, phone numbers, employee names, titles, email addresses, website addresses and tests performed are current.

This email may not reach all employees at your lab – please look at all the information listed under your laboratory to confirm that it is up to date.  Let us know if there are people listed that no longer work at your lab, or if new employees need to be added.

Keeping an updated membership list is important, as it allows for a better opportunity to network with each other and helps maintain a current list of CSA’s for continuing education points.  Please send a response within the next week to Ciara Clark at to confirm your laboratory’s information and propose any changes or corrections.

Thank you from your AOSA Membership Committee.

Ciara Clark
Senior Seed Analyst
North Dakota State Seed Department

Michael G. Stahr
Seed Laboratory Manager
Iowa State Seed Laboratory
AOSA Vice President

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