AOSA Certification of Analysts

AOSA Certification of Analysts

Purpose: CSA certification is an accreditation program that grants professional recognition to individuals that qualify for and pass the certification exams that demonstrate their skill and expertise in the field of seed analysis.


  • Establish recognized standards of knowledge and skills required for seed analysis professionals.
  • Formally recognize and acknowledge individuals who achieve these standards.
  • Promote training, continuing education, and professional development.

Committee Chairs

Johnny Zook
Bureau of Plant Industry
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: 717.787.4894
Fax: 717.705.6518

Exam Information

The Consolidated Exam Committee, established in 2006, has achieved the goal set by AOSA and SCST members of developing a single accreditation standard for conventional seed analysts in the United States by Spring 2013. The members of the AOSA Certification of Analysts Committee and SCST RST Board of Examiners combined the best aspects of both exams to develop germination and purity exams that will be offered annually in each region (as needed).  The germination and purity exams each take one day and include both written and practical exercises.

 Exam Verification & Application Form
Complete and return to AOSA Office

AOSA/SCST Consolidated Exam Content & Preparation

Analysts preparing for the purity and germination exams should download the Consolidated Exam Content Information document and the seed identification list.  The separate SCST and AOSA Study Guides contain  excellent and useful information that can be used to prepare for the exams while the Consolidated Exam Study Guide is finalized.


Consolidate Exam Content Information  (PDF)      Seed Identification List (EXCEL)

RST-CVT-CPT-CSA Study Guide 2015 (PDF) 

Upcoming Exam Dates & Locations:

To be determined.


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