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2017 Self Audit

Dear AOSA Members,

As Seed Technologists we have a duty to provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable results to the end user.  There have been many discussions within the Society and the Industry concerning the lack of uniformity amongst the members.  To address this issue SCST would ask that you please fill out the self audit.  This self audit will be used for educational purposes only to increase uniformity within the SCST Society.  This is strictly VOLUNTARY but we greatly would appreciate laboratory participation. Please only have one member of a laboratory fill out the survey.

If any question is not applicable to you, please mark as such and provide a brief explanation as to why it is not applicable.  The answer could be as simple as the laboratory does not conduct that type of test.

The survey can be submitted in the word version (Download Here) or via the survey monkey link:

Thank you,

Heidi Jo Larson (RST)
Laboratory Membership Working Group

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